– ideal for aging skin due to high vitamin E and squalene ,
– velvety soft skin right after application,  deep hydration and nutrition
– smoothing wrinkles ,
– reducing sebum production – significantly lower sebum production after 14 days
– therapeutic effects on: eczema , acne , psoriasis , sunburn , skin irritation and inflammation.

– nourishes hair from roots to ends, restoring and strengthening hair structure , restoring the natural vitality and shine of hair ,
– nourishing hair roots thanks to high vitamin E and higher fatty acids ,
– deep hydration, velvety soft yet strong hair from roots to ends,
– nourishes and nails hair ends, combats their cleavage.

– Strong regenerative effect , rejuvenates and strengthens nails,
– Provides nail and nail bed with natural nutrition, combats nail brittle,
– Deeply moisturizes and nourishes the nail, relieves skin defects and leaves the skin velvety soft.

Ingredients : 100% organic argan oil, unroasted, cold pressed

Storage : Store in a dark and cool place up to 22 o C. Use within 3 months after opening

Country of Origin:  Morocco

Quality:  100% organic cold-pressed organic product



Biokora è una marca di prodotti Biologiche che rispettano l'ambiente con certificazione Europee. I prodotti vengono dall'Africa e commercialisati nel mondo.


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